Terms of Service for File Uploads

1. Public Distribution of Uploaded Files

Users who upload files to, including but not limited to CSS, JSON, and MP3 files, acknowledge and consent that these files will be made available for public distribution. This means that once uploaded, these files can be accessed, downloaded, and used by all users of

2. Grant of License

Upon uploading files, users grant an unconditional, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, fully-paid, and royalty-free license to use, reproduce, distribute, and display these files. This license is essential for facilitating the operational aspects of and allows for an enhanced shared user experience on the platform.

3. Copyright Ownership and Permissions

Users must only upload files to which they hold the copyright or have obtained the necessary licenses or permissions for any copyrighted content included in their files. By uploading a file, the user represents and warrants that they have all the rights necessary to grant the license mentioned in section 2 and that the file does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of any third party.

4. Moderation and Quality Control moderators and site administrators reserve the right to remove or modify uploaded files at their discretion. This action may be taken to ensure files meet our quality and security standards or comply with legal and ethical guidelines. No notice will be given prior or after removal, users may be banned from uploading depending on the severity of the reason for removal.

5. Download and Use at User’s Own Risk

Files obtained from are downloaded and used at the user’s own risk. is not liable for any damages, data loss, or security breaches that may arise from the download or use of these files.

6. Compliance with Legal Standards

All files uploaded to must be in strict compliance with the laws of the United States of America. Uploading files that violate any applicable laws or regulations will result in legal repercussions, including, but not limited to, the removal of the files and termination of the user's account.

7. Indemnification

Users agree to indemnify and hold harmless, its affiliates, officers, agents, and employees from any claim, demand, loss, liability, or expense arising out of the user's breach of these terms of service, including but not limited to infringement of intellectual property rights or other rights of any person or entity.

By uploading files to, users affirm their understanding of and agreement to these terms. Non-compliance with any part of these terms may lead to the immediate removal of the uploaded content and/or termination of the user's account.

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