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SillyTavern is a user interface you can install on your computer (and Android phones) that allows you to interact with text generation AIs and chat/roleplay with characters you or the community create.

SillyTavern is a fork of TavernAI 1.2.8 which is under more active development and has added many major features. At this point, they can be thought of as completely independent programs. SillyTavern is developed by Cohee and RossAscends

Why use SillyTavern?

Modern AI language models have gotten so powerful that some of them are now convincingly able to simulate a character you create, and who you can chat with. For example, you can tell the AI to pretend to be a Go instructor named Jubei from medieval Japan, and it will act and respond accordingly. Or you can tell it to pretend to be Wonder Woman. You can also specify a scenario ("Wonder Woman and I are robbing a bank"), a writing style ("Wonder Woman speaks in prose"), or anything else you can think of. SillyTavern is an app to facilitate these roleplaying chat.

Where do I get character cards for SillyTavern??

From a character card repo, these websites provide you with an image file (called a character card) that embeds the description as internal text data. We recommend using our sister site: It is a moderated character card repo. All cards go through a moderation process to make sure there are no overly inappropriate, illegal or scam like cards. NSFW cards are allowed so long as all characters are above the age of majority. In the top right of the site there is a toggle to turn on and off NSFW cards so you can filter to your preference.

Features of SillyTavern

Individual and Group Chats

Chat with individual characters or form a group chat and talk with multiple unique characters at once.

Prompt Crafting

Easy to use prompt fields such as main prompts, NSFW prompts and Jailbreak prompts that let you steer the chat in any way you desire

Mobile Support

Since SillyTavern is a simple web interface, you can run it on a computer on your home wifi, and then access in your mobile browser.

Chat Bookmarks

Add bookmarks to any point in a chat to easily hop back in for reading or to start the chat back up in a new direction.

Customizable UI

Easy to customize UI. Change the background, UI colors, chat size, avatar styles and more!


SillyTavern supports extensions to add new features both from the community and official development team.

How to Install SillyTavern?

SillyTavern can be installed on Windows, Linux and Android.

For detailed instructions on how to install on each platform click the link below.

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