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You did, but unfortunately I no longer have the time and resources to dedicate to keeping the site running. I appreciate all of the dedicated users to my strat roulette sites over the last 6 years, but don't worry! I have an easy replacement for you that keeps Strat Roulette fresh with AI generated challenges, the possibilities are endless.

I have created a "Character Card" for the tool "SillyTavern", a front end chat interface for roleplaying with various AI models like ChatGPT.

So how does this all work?

First you need to install SillyTavern, it's really simple with the SillyTavern Launcher. It will automatically install all the requirements for the program for you. The link below will walk you through the simple steps to install

Once SillyTavern is installed and running you need to download and load the Strat Roulette - "Game Master" character card in to your SillyTavern install. The card is hosted on our sister site,, a hub for user submitted character cards. You will also need to connect a AI model to SillyTavern, we have a guide on how to use "OpenRouter" a service that provides many free and cheap LLM models for powering SillyTavern.

I'm not sure... Where can I read more about SillyTavern first?

Definitely! Our Frequently Asked Questions page has lots of info on the basics of SillyTavern and how this all works.

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